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Teens And The Road To Driving Freedom
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Teens And The Road To Driving Freedom

A teenager’s life is quite ‘happening’ so to speak, in their own parlance. Their schools, friends, parties, plans for the future, fashion and freedom are some of the things foremost in their minds. However one of the most cherished occasions for teenagers is when they receive this small, laminated sheet of paper in the shape of a card with their photo on it which they lovingly treasure in their wallets, bags, purses and carry with them everywhere. This card is their doorway to freedom, to be able to move around on their own. This card is nothing else but their driver’s license, which opens the road to freedom from relying on parents to drop them to school, extra-curricular activities, outings, work or just to run errands. The teens can now manage to drive themselves wherever they want. driving school adelaide

Thus, obtaining a driver’s licence is a kind of a passage of rites in the life of a teenager. Preparation for it in the form of driving lessons starts from months in advance and with great gusto. It’s mostly any one of the parents acting as the driving coach, but many teens opt for a school too to learn from a qualified instructor.

However, before they zoom past their parents with their licence in tow, there are some basic instructions and guidelines that need to be set up by the parents. These guidelines are to ensure that the teens do not take their new found freedom of moving around for granted and eventually be difficult to control or get in touch with.

Driving guidelines that parents must set for the teens

  • Insist on getting a driving education
    It is very important that the teenagers go through a proper professional and qualified instructional driving school Adelaide. This is because it is vital that the teenagers have proper training and experience with driving under all kinds of situations and surroundings before they are out on the road on their own.
  • Set instructions which are meaningful
    These instructions will help prevent untoward incidences, such as – Driving only upto a certain speed limit.
    • Initially driving along certain well defined routes, such as from home to school and back, not on other routes.
    • Not allowing them to drive on their own beyond a certain time of day, especially for girls, to be escorted after say 10 in the night. This is to ensure safety of the teens and make them feel responsible.
    • Enduring that the fuel tank is always filled beyond a certain level.
    • Also, impacts of responsible driving need to be discussed with serious repercussions if not followed.
      These are some instructions that will help you and your teen get on smoothly on to their road to driving freedom.